Susan Day

Susan Day is editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.

Safe at Home

April 3 – 9 is National Window Safety Week so do a check of all your windows at home to prevent accidental falls or injuries. Also keep in mind that windows serve as emergency exits – so as you do your check, consider the following tips: •Â Keep furniture like beds or dressers away from windows…. Read more »

Pretty Windows

Let the sunshine in with these easy window cleaning tips as you tackle your spring cleaning!  CLEAN WINDOW TIPS from Handy Hannah   1. Never clean your windows between 12pm-2pm during hotter months. This can cause streakiness on your windows, not to mention window cleaning unbearable in the heat. 2. Use a professional window cleaning agent…. Read more »

3 Rainy Day Ideas

Delight your youngster with these easy at-the-ready activities today!   Feely Box Materials •  Large cloth bag or pillowcase •  Assortment of toy animals and familiar objects •  Rubber band Directions Without your child watching, choose three or four toys or objects that belong to him (for example, a hairbrush, teddy bear, shoe, or toy… Read more »

You Gotta Laugh

      OK so it’s Monday and you’re already at your wits end at home?!  Put up your feet for five secs and download a free copy of The Kids are Driving Me Crazy by Lisa Barker.  The mom and blogger offers up six 10-minute laughter breaks that will re-set your mom mode and… Read more »

Bye, bye spit up stains

There’s nothing worse than opening a box of stored-away baby clothes (you want to share something precious with an expectant sister or dear friend) and discovering spit-up stains you thought had been removed.  Why?  Spit-up stains are protein-based so you have to take special care to treat the inevitable. Here’s how: Always pre-treat the stain… Read more »

Happy Snackers!

Your kids can eat all day long, right?  Lucky them!  But you want them to eat healthy, right?  So be smart about it.  Designate an area in your fridge that’s THEIR ZONE and keep healthy snacks for the picking there.  Do the same with your pantry.  Put the hi-carb unhealthy stuff on a higher shelf… Read more »

Save on Breakfast Cereal

It’s crazy how much a box of cereal costs these days! You probably prowl the cereal aisle looking for the “buy one, get one free” or the far-too-infrequent tags with reduced pricing.  But for kids who love to gobble cereal in the morning, parents can cut their cereal bill in half by blending, say, one… Read more »

For Childhood’s Sake: Bring Back Play!

If you’re not limiting your children’s gaming and other screen time, Moms and Dads, you should be: Studies and statistics show that the culture of play in the United States is vanishing, and that’s not a healthy thing for kids. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2010, children spent seven hours and 38 minutes… Read more »

Protect Your Child’s Skin!

Avoid sunburns on your kids this spring and summer by being diligent with sunscreen.   Six or seven sunburns in childhood can leave a young adults susceptible to skin cancer, so apply it on your child even if it’s for a simple game of baseball! More tips for you and your children: • Start prevention… Read more »

Coke: 5 Amazing Tips

  Spring cleaning is on your mind, right?  But there are a few stickler items around the house you need a bit more elbow grease for.  Here are 5 great ways a not-so-average can of coke can be used around the house. • Use it to clean the soot off of the stones or brick… Read more »

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