Susan Day

Susan Day is editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.

“Making Music”

Keep Baby busy with a stash of old pots and pans when you’re cooking dinner, or anytime you’re in the kitchen preparing something!  Keep your stash in a low drawer or cabinet along with several wooden spoons.  Set baby on a throw blanket on the floor and place pots in front of him. Show him… Read more »

A Clean ‘n Easy Family Fridge

Leftovers, messy ketchup bottles, and yes, some things looking like science projects!  If you dread having to clean out your refrigerator, break it into 10-minute a day tasks until it’s clean.   Here’s how:  • Divide the fridge into numerous sections: The inside door; shelves (each shelf counts as one section); drawers; the outside of the fridge…. Read more »

End Nail Biting Now!

Do you have a nail biter at your house?  Some kids are unaware that they bite their nails, while others know exactly what they are doing but can’t stop. Some bite out of boredom, others because they are anxious about something. Make a conscious effort to help your child stop biting his nails by: Tip#1:… Read more »

Pantry Power

If your kids are eating poorly, it’s time to take back your pantry! Kids cannot eat what IS NOT THERE! That’s the good news on the home front. You CAN manage to get healthy snacks into your forever grazing kids by only providing healthy alternatives.  If you notice unhealthy eating habits at your house, it’s… Read more »

Forever Friends

Children need help when it comes to making friends and that help comes from YOU. Have you noticed yet that your child is curious about YOUR friends? And that if your friends have children then your child wants to be friends with them? Start friendships for your child by inviting your friends over for the children… Read more »

Forgetful Tooth Fairy?!

Children lose about 20 teeth between the ages of 5 and 12 … so if the Tooth Fairy misses a night, well, she’s a busy little fairy!  Here are strategies to help you if the absent minded minx leaves your child in tears: Fake It! According to, one way you can save face is… Read more »

5 Ways to Less Mess!

Tripping over your child’s toys?  Up to here with the clutter? Start clearing away with these five fast tips from Handy Hannah: 1) Start charging! Professional organizers say kids won’t leave items out of place for long if you start charging them for it! Use brightly colored stickers you can slap on items that need to… Read more »

Breastfeeding Tips and Your New Baby

Breastfeeding Tips for Your Hospital Stay   Establishing breastfeeding while you’re in the hospital makes a big difference in your breastfeeding success (differently defined by each mom). Your choices, responsibilities and ability to communicate your wishes will make you more prepared and confident for those first few days following your infant’s birth.  Here are suggestions… Read more »

Getting Started in… Breastfeeding

Relax. Breathe. Sit back. Put your feet up. It’s time to feed your baby. Oh, and breastfeeding really is all it’s cracked up to be!

Tempt Those Tastebuds

You CAN get your tots to eat better; the trick is in the variety and preparation! The book, Food for Little Fingers: Finger Foods Without White Flour, Salt of Added Sugar receives rave reviews from mom readers on Parents find easy ways to get spinach and other unheard of items into their children in… Read more »

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