Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.

Let’s Sew Together

Give kids a minute and they’ll learn — possibly want even more. Kids can learn things, like how to sew, by you allowing them to help around the house.

Break out the LEGOs!

We’ve had a LEGO set in the house for quite some time now. It was one that had specific instructions on how to build a certain thing. When we got it, we put it together. They played with it for a few hours and then they were done with it. The set has been sitting… Read more »

Crafting with Your Kids

I hear it nearly every day. My craftiness has definitely rubbed off on my oldest. She’s always wanting to make something. There’s strips of paper here. Crayons scattered there. Then there comes the, “Make something with me!” from her. She came to me just yesterday with a piece of paper decorated like a movie clapboard…. Read more »

Amusement Parks Get SPOOK-tified

Amusement parks really love to get into the Halloween spirit. Check out this roundup of spooky fun for kids of all ages from not-so-scary to super scary!

Wooden Block Coat Hook

Wooden blocks are toys you find that nearly every child has played with. But, what do you do with those old blocks once he’s outgrown them? Well, if you don’t donate them, turn them into something useful! What You Need Wooden blocks Coat hook Screwdriver Screws Frame backing hook   What You Do Take a… Read more »

Yoobi For All

Still shopping for some added school supplies? Check out Yoobi. They’re new and in the groove for helping local schools, too! If you’re in need of even more school supplies, be sure to check out the new brand, Yoobi. They’re a cool new brand that’s targeting kids with bright colors and funky accessories. Your kids… Read more »

Land and Sea Craft

Summer’s over and the kids are back in school. But, don’t let those memories slip by. You know all those shells you collected at the beach, make a craft with them aside from just putting them in a jar! What You Need 1 cup flour 1 cup salt 1/2 cup water Ribbon Paint Shells Cookie… Read more »

Non-Stick Grilling with COOKINA

Grill with COOKINA and you’ll have yummy food and a cleaner grill!  COOKINA Barbecue Reusable Grilling Sheet | $14.99 Dads will be amazed with the cooking experience of the COOKINA grilling sheet. This unique, non-stick sheet acts like foil as it keeps your grill nice and clean — which is great if you’re grilling any… Read more »

Flashlight Projector

When the lights go out, get the flashlights and don’t pout! This craft for kids is easy and fun to do … making the dark not so scary. Gather Flashlight Sharp pencil Tape Dark paper Create Set your paper on the carpet. With your pencil, carefully poke holes into the paper in some sort of… Read more »

Hip Dads Join the Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club offers quirky commercials and the smoothest shave to come out of a box! Dollar Shave Club | prices vary Along with hilarious videos, men can subscribe to this club for $1 – $9 a month (plus shipping and handling). Pick the style of the blade you want (three to choose from)… Read more »

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