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January 28, 2023

Yoobi For All

Still shopping for some added school supplies? Check out Yoobi. They’re new and in the groove for helping local schools, too!

If you’re in need of even more school supplies, be sure to check out the new brand, Yoobi. They’re a cool new brand that’s targeting kids with bright colors and funky accessories. Your kids are sure to love many of their products including:
Fuzzy Pencil Case
Fuzzy Pencil Case — $3.99
It’s funky, cool dreadlocks look is fun to hold and stash pencils in. It’s small and only holds a limited amount of things, but that’s good if you’ve only got a few things to keep together.
Push Pin Paperclips Set
Paperclip and Push Pin Set — $4.49
These puzzle shaped boxes lock together and house 24 mini binder clips, 80 paper clips and 40 push pins in their own little compartments.
Journal — $5.99
It’s about the size of a half a sheet of paper and is great for jotting things down. I keep one in my purse!
Mini Highlighters: 10 pack multicolored — $4.99
These adorable, tiny highlighters are just the thing for kids in school. You can carry more colors because they’re so much smaller than the standard sized highlighter.
Yoobi is also a brand that gives back — to classrooms in need right here in the United States! They offer more than 80 different items, from pens to journals and highlighters, all available exclusively at Target, retailing for under $10.
Wondering how they’re helping those local schools? Well, for each Yoobi item purchased, they will donate an additional item to a classroom in need, right here in the US. By 2015, they aim to reach 30,000 classrooms and 750,000 kids. That’s a big impact, especially for the 99.5 percent of teachers who spend their own money on classroom materials and parents struggling to cover the average $635 back-to-school shopping bill. Their motto is “One for You, One for Me.”
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