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January 28, 2023

Why I Love My Dishwasher

From flip flops to vacuum attachments, your dishwasher can help you out with your spring cleaning!

Got kids? Me too. That’s why I love my dishwasher. It’s on of my best friends for spring cleaning tricks. Get your kids to run around the house collecting the following items in a basket and bring to the kitchen. All of the following things can go in a dishwasher — just be sure you put some of the items on the TOP RACK and SKIP THE HEAT CYCLE on some, too.

• Clean your fan grilles. They can get grimy and the dishwasher will de-grime!

• Toss your sponges in when you run a cycle of dishes

• Clean your cleaning tools. Everything from your yucky vacuum attachments to dust pans and floor brushes (remove excess hair, dust bunnies and spider webbing first). TOP RACK /SKIP THE HEAT CYCLE.

• Small plastic kid toys – You may want to enclose in a mesh sack if pieces are very small.

• Shoes! Flip flops, crocs, any shoe that won’t be damaged by water can go in. Remove the liners first then put’em on the top rack and run without detergent – secure to the rack with plastic clothes pins or rubber bands. TOP RACK /SKIP THE HEAT CYCLE.

• Light fixtures, hard to clean glass objects

• Some sports gear like knee pads and shin guards … TOP RACK /SKIP THE HEAT CYCLE.

• Sterilize toothbrushes and toothbrush holders

• Cup holders

• Switch plates

• Stove knobs

• Soap dishes

• Makeup brushes … TOP RACK/ SKIP THE HEAT CYCLE.

• Pet dishes


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Susan Day

Susan Day is the editor in chief of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.