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November 29, 2022

What’s in Your Hiking Bag?

Hats. Sunglasses. Water bottles. Tissues. Hand Sanitizer. Sunscreen. Band-aids. Chap Stick. Instant Bug Bite Relief. 

We do a lot of hiking! On a normal week we hike at least twice! It’s important that we keep our bag packed and ready to go. We usually end up rushing out the door as soon as we realize we have the time and the weather is on our side. The boys take turns carrying their hiking bag … so we have to keep it light! 

We started hiking when Jax was a newborn. I loved baby wearing and Trevor was 2-and-a-half … the perfect age for exploring! Off we went! My husband even got me a fancy hiking pack to carry Jax around. Check out this throw back photo:

We recently freshened up our hiking supplies for the spring and added a really fun gadget called “The Bug Bite Thing” for instant bug bite relief. It quickly stops the pain and itching from mosquitoes, bees, wasps, hornets, spiders, ants, black flies, and more! I love knowing we have this little tool on hand. It’s lightweight, reusable, and all natural! 

How does it work? You place the suction cup over the affected area, slowly pull the side handles up and hold for 30 seconds while it draws up the poison, then repeat as necessary! 

Here are the boys on a hike this week. This hike warmed my heart but made me sad. The boys are growing up so fast. Jax doesn’t need Mommy to carry him anymore … but I am happy to watch him explore! 

What do you keep in your hiking bag? Let me know where you like to hike in the TriState! And check out The Bug Bite Thing online!

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