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February 5, 2023

Week One at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

Mom Reporter Amanda Ciani and her son Luca are checking out a class available through The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati and will be providing updates throughout the session on how things are going.  Get the scoop on Week One!

When my oldest son holds my youngest son, it actually looks as though he is holding a baby version of himself. My three boys look so much alike, along with their dad, that I often jokingly call them my quadruplets. But while they may look very much the same, each of them is completely unique. My oldest loves playing team sports like soccer and baseball. My middle son… does not. He loathes getting sweaty, and has zero interest in playing sports or going to his brother’s games. I felt really guilty signing my oldest son up for sports, and not signing up my middle son, Luca, for anything. So this spring, I signed him up for a boys tap dance class at our local dance studio, and he loved it! He had lots of fun tapping, and he would come home wanting to put on shows for us like Ghostbusters and Star Wars — he’d play every role, and have a different voice for each character. Clearly this kid loved entertaining, and being the center of attention! So I sought out a series of classes that would satiate his desire to act, dance, and sing.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati had exactly what I was looking for, an age appropriate drama class! Creative toddling is an eight week session of classes designed specifically for kids ages 3-5. Luca had his first class last Saturday, and has not stopped singing the song they learned! He is very excited to have his own “thing,” an activity to call his own. He is looking forward to class this weekend, and has asked about a thousand times if it is time for class yet. Luca knows that Saturdays are going to be his special morning where Mommy takes him to his acting class! I am so happy to help him step into the spotlight, to encourage him to shine; and I’m really grateful that TCT allows toddlers to dip their toes into the amazing world of drama.

I want my boys to feel special, and do what makes their hearts happy! By recognizing my kids are their own little unique persons, I have been able to focus on what each child really enjoys doing. I feel it is important to help children find outlets that help them shine, and to encourage them to do what makes them feel confident, excited, and proud of themselves. If you have a child that loves to be the center of attention, consider checking out a class at The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati.  Head to to get a look at all their available classes.

About the Author

Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).