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June 17, 2024

Water Drop Magnets

This craft allows you to make personalized magnets that look like water drops.

There’s a step-by-step pictorial guide for you to follow, too.

What You’ll Need
1″ Glass marbles with a flat side
Pictures or scrapbook paper with patterns
Hot glue

What You’ll Do

  1. Grab a sheet of scrapbook paper or a picture and set a marble on it where you want the image to show through.
  2. Take your pen or pencil and trace the marble.
  3. Cut the image out.
  4. With your hot glue (PARENTS: you might want to do this step), spread out some hot glue on the flat side of the marble.
  5. Quickly press the image face down onto the glued, flat side of the marble.
  6. Flip it over while it’s still hot and press the marble down on a flat surface to squish the glue between the marble and the image. Be careful, if you put too much glue, it will squish out from under the image and could get on your fingers or the surface you are working on.
  7. Take a magnet, put some hot glue on it and quickly press it to the back side of the image.
  8. We used both scrapbook paper and photos.

These make great gifts for just about any occasion.



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