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May 26, 2024

Valentine’s Card Envelope

If you plan on making your own Valentine’s Day cards, this easy craft for kids can be the envelope to hold it.

What You’ll Need
Brown paper (Dollar Tree brown wrapping paper)
Puff paint or glitter glue

What You’ll Do

  1. Cut out a piece of brown paper from your roll of wrapping paper. Our just grab a sheet if you purchased pre-cut brown paper.
  2. Fold it in half gently and only crease the ends to mark the middle.
  3. Open it back up and take each side and fold it to the middle marks.
  4. This will allow you to have a sleeve-like fold with even sides.
  5. Take one end and fold in the corners to the middle to make a point.
  6. Now, depending on the size of your Valentine’s Day card, you will fold up the other end almost to the end of the folded corners.
  7. Take the pointed end and fold it over the flap you just folded toward it.
  8. You can stop here and add a sticker to keep it closed. Your card should be able to fit inside the folded edges within (the sleeve-like part). Or, you can continue to step 9.
  9. Take the pointed end and slide it into the other end as seen in the picture.
  10. It should be able to slide all the way in and hide behind the folded sides that created the sleeve-like part of the envelope.
  11. Decorate the outside with glitter glue, puff paint and stickers.

You can either use any size card that will fit into this envelope, or cut one down to size that will fit just perfectly within. The bigger your card, the bigger the piece of paper you will need to make this envelope.


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