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February 5, 2023

TOP TOYS: Ages 6+

Here are the top toys for 2015 that you can find locally in area shops that are cool for ages 6 and older.

stomp rocket ultra

Ultra Stomp Rocket
D+L Company, $21.97
Can purchase optional LED rockets! Release some energy and jump with all of your might. Launching the reusable rockets will keep kids busy for hours. Available at Coolest Toys on Earth.

proto z

Proto-Z Beginner Drone
Estes, $29.99
This user-friendly, intorductory drone is recommended for ages 8 and older, but even the least tech-savvy person can have fun with multi-rotor flying. Along with a normal flight mode, the Proto-Z includes True Direction Mode (making it even easier for first-time flyers), LED lights for tracking in the dark, and flips with just the push of a button. The drone comes completely assembled – just install two AAA batteries and you’re off! Available at Hobby Villa.

snap circuits jr

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit
Elenco, $39.95
Color coded, snap-in pieces which kids can use to explore electronics and make over 100 different projects. Available at Coolest Toys on Earth.

ogodisk mezo

OgoSport Mini OgoDisk
Ogo Sport, $39.95
Throw, catch and bounce balls with the original hand trampoline. Great for working on hand-eye coordination. Available at Coolest Toys on Earth.

maisto power build

Assembly Line Power Builds
Maisto, $18.95
Kids can build their own battery-operated vehicles with Maisto’s Assembly Line Power Builds. There are seven models to choose from, kids can pick their favorite, build it, and watch it go. Available at Pit Row Hobby.


Themes and Kosmos Gyrobot-Gyroscopic Robot Kit
Gyrobot, $49.99
Kids learn about how gyroscopes are used while building 7 different models. Available at Jungle Jim’s Toy Balloon.

speed stack cups

Speed Stacks Stack Pack
Speed Stacks, $39.99
What is your child’s favorite thing to do in PE? Playing with Speed Stack Cups! It is a competitive game that combines speed, dexterity and coordination. You can play solo against the clock or head-to-head against friends. Available at United Art & Education.

cauldron quest

Cauldron Quest Cooperative Game for Kids
Peaceable Kingdom, $10
Peaceable Kingdom games are cooperative games where players work together. In Cauldron Quest players are working together to break the wizard’s spell. Kids learn strategy, even and odds, deduction, communication and cooperation. Available at Joseph-Beth Booksellers.

jot ewriter boogie board

Jot 8.5 eWriter
Boogie Board, $29.99
For the kiddo that likes to doodle and draw. The Boogie Board™ eWriter eliminates the need for paper. Kids can simply draw and erase. It feels just like writing with pen on paper! The image stays as long as you need it to and can be erased with the touch of a button. Create again and again, without the need to charge or connect. You can also download an app to have your drawings, stories, or notes sent and saved. Available at King Arthur’s Toys.

whiffer sniffers

The Whiffer Sniffer’s Original Everything Else Just Stinks
Whiffer Sniffers, $10
Smelly stuffed animals? Don’t worry, they are yummy scents like strawberries, apples and popcorn! These adorable key backpack clips are so cute you will want to collect them all. Available at Fort Thomas Central.

lammily world doll

Lammily World Doll
Lammily, $25.95
This doll was designed to provide a positive female role model for children. She also has many styling options available for purchase. Pick up the Lammily Marks Doll Accessory pack ($7.50) to decorate your doll with freckles, glasses, temporary tattoos and more. Available at Stoney’s Village Toy Shoppe.

goldieblox and dunk tank

GoldieBlox and the Dunk Tank
GoldieBlox, $21.99
Nacho the dog needs to get clean before the carnival begins, but he does not like baths. Construct a dunk tank to get Nacho sparkling clean! Available at John R. Green Company.

create a maze

Create A Maze
Learning Resources, $29.99
Take turns making challenging mazes and rolling a ball to solve them! Have fun while stimulating your brain. Available at John R. Green Company.

book o beards

Book-O-Beards, A Wearable Book
Donald Lemke, $7.99
Peek behind this book and transform into a burly lumberjack. Turn the page and become a sailor, pirate, or even Santa Claus! Make sure your cameras are ready for this one. Available at The Blue Marble.

duet airplane

Duet RTF
A great starter item for those interested in radio-controlled planes that allows flyers control over climbing, steering and throttle with Virtual Instructor™ technology to provide control assistance and counter effects of wind and turbulence. Plane is lightweight and durable enough to withstand a crash. Available at Pete’s Hobby Center.

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