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March 25, 2023

Top Toys: Ages 3 – 5

VTech InnoTab 3S_Blue

InnoTab 3S

3 – 9 years | VTech | | $99.99
VTech’s newest tablet is lighter and easier to tote around (keep in mind when choosing among all the other big draw tech items for kids). InnoTab is the tablet, two stylus pens and all the hook ups you need plus Learning Lodge Software that makes it easy to track your child’s development as he uses apps. Available in pink or blue.


Flutterbye Flying Fairy

5 – 10 years | SpinMaster | | $34.99
SpinMaster is known for it’s wizardry with toys and this little fairy’s magical. Requiring six AA batteries (not included), when you press her base, her wings spread and straight up she goes. The fairy is pretty and not intended for outdoor play. Follow instructions for flying properly.

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 2.10.48 PM


2 – 5 years | | $159.99
Get your toddler riding with his first balance bike. No training wheels here, your child will use his legs to sturdy himself and learn balance on his own. FirstBIKE’s durable enough to withstand bumps on the road and has a built-in steering limiter to keep at bay the over-turning that can lead to falls.



3 & older | | $99
This ultimate riding machine makes fast side-to-side motion without chains or batteries. The reinforced steel frame balances weight effortlessly. Winner of numerous awards — including the esteemed Parent’s Choice — the EZYRoller makes fitness fun for kids.



3 – 7 yrs. | Playskool | | $59.99
This two-in-one digital camera/projector features easy-to-use buttons and holds up to 1,000 images. Fifty fun effects are available to give photos a silly effect. Pictures can be downloaded to your computer via a USB cable (not included).

Vtech Shop-Cook

2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset

3 & older | VTech | | $49.99
Kids love pretend food, shopping and cooking, so this 2-in-1 set is a natural fit. The shopping cart easily transforms to a play kitchen. VTech provides three modes of play, so learning about food, colors, numbers and more goes right along with the fun. Available in a pink or orange-based color scheme.

SMX206-Pip&PetePlane-(product1) SMX206-Pip&PetePlane-(product2)

Pip & Pete Plane

3 & older | SmartMax | | $22.99
Little ones can build their own car and plane with this set that’s designed for little hands. They’re easy to put together as the parts are magnetic and click right together. It’s fun to push around something you’ve put together.

Playmobile DINOS

DINOS Volcano with Tyrannaosaurus

4 – 10 years | Playmobil | | $99.99
After you set up the many pieces to this set, your little explorer can search for hidden fossils and play with the dinosaurs, people figures and more. With the press of a button, make the working volcano explode!

Furby Boom

Furby Boom: Horizontal Stripes

5 & older | Hasbro | | $65
You may be tired of these things, but kids aren’t! Tickle it, talk to it, take it with you wherever you go and let it interact. These new Furbies have twice as many responses as previous generations. New for 2013: The Furby Boom app. Now it’s everywhere.


Red Octopus Hand Puppet

3 & older | Folkmanis Puppets | | $33.99
The vivid colors and moveable tentacles of this detailed octopus are brought to life easily as this puppet fits like a glove. Move your fingers to simulate the octopus gliding across the ocean floor. Folkmanis makes a huge variety of animal hand puppets to choose from, too.

Zoomer Pup

Zoomer Robotic Dog

5 & older | SpinMaster | | $65
If your child wants a puppy for Christmas, here’s a cool robotic one. This interactive pup has multiple sensors enabling him to behave just like a real dog. The legs move with incredible ease and grace. He can learn dozens of different tricks and he’s easy and fun to train. Just press his head, give him a command and watch what he does.

DINO Construction T-Tops

DINO Construction Company T-Top

3 & older | Educational Insights | | $39.99
Part bulldozer, part triceratops, this rough and tough truck can withstand hours of plowing through the dirt and rocks with your little worker. The blade moves up and down as does it’s jaw. The segmented tail also swings back and forth.

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