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June 15, 2024

Toddlers Need Consequences

Your little one needs to learn what’s expected of her, and she needs YOU to be the one to show her.

It’s hard on moms and dads to be unpopular with their little ones at times but if your tot misbehaves in ways you don’t want him to, there has to be a consequence or the bad behavior will continue.
“Repeatedly saying, for example, ‘If you don’t stop throwing your toys, I’m going to have to end your play date,’ won’t stop the bad behavior,” says Bridget Barnes, coauthor of Common Sense Parenting for Toddlers and Preschoolers. “What your child hears is, ‘I can keep doing this a few more times before Mom makes me stop.’”
To get the behavior you want from your tot — and for him to learn what is expected of him —  give him warning when he misbehaves, and then, if your child does it again, give an immediate consequence such as a time-out. If he continues, leave. The next time, a gentle reminder should do the trick: “Remember how we had to leave when you threw your toys? I hope we don’t have to go home early again today.”





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