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February 5, 2023

Tips for Test-Taking Success

Help for kids and ALL that test taking.

Kids need to learn good study skills for test taking and often this comes from what happens at home. Here are great tips from Ann K. Dolin, tutor and author of Homework Made Simple: Tips, Tools, and Solutions for Stress-Free Homework

• Be in touch with the teacher. Most offer a study guide when a test is coming up. If your child doesn’t have one, request it from the teacher. She may also be able to offer other things that can help your child like worksheets or online drills.

• Get one of your older kids to help your younger one study (this works well if the older one does well in school!)

• Don’t rush when studying. When it comes to kids and tests, do 20 minutes of focused study then take a 10 minute break. Do this as often as necessary to learn the material.

• Flash cards work wonders for all the drilling you need to do for tests. flash cards as it reinforces the material

• Teach kids to “slash the trash,” that is, when they are given multiple choice questions, show them how to eliminate wrong answers by drawing a pencil line through them

• Tell your kids to skip the most difficult questions on a test with the plan on going back to it to give it more time



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