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September 27, 2021

Things We Like: Simple Swaps to Make Life Better

Make life better with some of our favorite simple swaps.

You may have seen Editor Amanda Hayward’s recent Expecting article titled “Eat This, Not That” in the March print edition. If not, check it out here:

The article has TONS of great healthy food swap ideas for expectant mommas. Beyond pregnancy, there are lots of easy swaps for your child’s early stages of life. Check out our list of “This Not That” swaps to make your days with toddlers easier!

Love Your Bean…

Your Baby Bean AND Your Coffee Bean

Are you an expecting or nursing mother who enjoys drinking a hot cup of coffee? While many obstetricians recommend cutting back on caffeine consumption, there are many decaf options available on the market … but even decaffeinated coffee options can wreak havoc on a pregnant momma who is experiencing heartburn or tummy trouble. Enter Mommee Coffee, the perfect coffee for pregnant and nursing mothers. This brand offers varying levels of caffeination for coffee lovers – full caffeination, half-caf, one-fourth caf and, of course, decaf. The organic beans are decaffeinated using water processing, not with harmful chemicals. And the low acidity levels make the coffee both smooth and delicious.

Swap out traditional coffee heartburn for tasty Mommee Coffee; love your bean AND enjoy a hot cup of joe, shop Mommee Coffee at

Say goodbye to scary metal nail clippers…

Say Hello to Baby Blue Giraffe Glass Nail Files

Cutting an infant’s nails is an arduous task. There is something downright stressful about bringing a sharp metal tool towards Baby’s tiny fingers and delicate skin. Instead or trimming Baby’s nails, why not swap out the traditional clippers for a nail file? Using Blue Giraffe’s glass baby nail file is effective, safe and allows for a close file – which means no more jagged edges that can scratch Baby’s face. The file can also be rinsed off and used again and again! Available in pink and blue, these files are not only cute, they are high quality; in fact, they are manufactured in Europe.

Swap out scary nail clippers for a glass nail file, visit or buy on amazon, here:

Experience the softest baby brush around…

Baby will love getting their hair brushed!

Plastic, artificial and prickly baby brushes are a thing of the past. Give the Blue Giraffe natural beech wood and goat hair baby brush a try! This brush offers an unmatched quality and is 100% made in Germany. If baby hates getting their hair brushed, check this brush out- you will be able to feel the difference in quality.

Swap out a prickly plastic brush for the softest brush around, visit or buy on Amazon at:

Give the best baby shower gift…

A diaper and wipe subscription!

Want to give an expectant momma the gift that keeps on giving? Incredibundles offers diaper and wipe subscription packages for 3-6-9 or 12 months. The gift recipient can order diapers when she needs them, and she can order the brand and variations she trusts. The first box is an adorable gift box with a teddy bear and certificate code. All mom has to do is go to the website and enter her information. The diapers are delivered right to mom’s doorstep, simple as that!

Swap out diaper duplicates, and let mom pick the brand and size she needs with Incredibundles at:

Replace your kiddie cup collection…

Why Have Three Cups, Check Out 1-2-3 Cup by Miniware

How many cups can one pint-sized human need? It seems like there are hundreds of children’s cups on the market, each serving a different age group. The 1-2-3 cup by Miniware helps eliminate the need for a dozen different cups for junior! This training cup grows with your child, from a cup with a straw to a cup with a lid and spout, to a true cup. Another appealing attribute of this cup is that it is made from a plant-based, petroleum- free material. Plus, it is dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Swap three plastic cups for a single plant-based 1-2-3 Cup; browse this great cup and other plant-based, kid-friendly items at    

Plastic straws are wasteful!

Reduce and reuse with stainless steel straws!

Plastic straws filling up landfills are a thing of the past. Now you can sip with eco-friendly style using Wowe Lifestyle brand stainless steel straws. Help make the world a better place, one small change at a time! These straws are made of a food grade stainless steel, are packaged in recycled materials, come with a cotton straw cleaner AND they are dishwasher safe. To top it off, 1% of sales are donated to One Tree Planted, a Vermont based tree planting non-profit.

Swap out wasteful plastic straws for high quality stainless steel straws, visit to buy yours today!

Ditch the harmful chemicals…

Moms, Treat Yourself with Natural Ingredients!

Being a mom can be rough. There may be days when you are covered in someone else’s body fluids, donning a dry-shampoo’d messy bun and yesterday’s sweatpants all while scarfing down Goldfish for lunch. It is true, motherhood is not always glamorous, but it is absolutely imperative to make time for yourself. Afterall, how can you fill someone else’s cup, if yours is empty? If you are a mom who enjoys indulging in beauty products, check out the Soma Naturals website, a one stop shop for natural hair, body and face care products. The Soma Naturals Discovery Sample Set is a great first buy- see what clean ingredients can do for you! The Messinian Spa body butter is decadent- creamy yet light on the skin, Evolvh’s Ultra Shine shampoo and conditioner does just that- leaves hair soft and shiny without parabens, sulfates or gluten, the Pure Lano lip balm is glossy yet not sticky and leaves lips feeling quenched, and the Teadora Brazillian Glow Beauty Butter is perfect for dry winter months – after use, skin feels soft and smells delicious!

Swap out the harmful chemicals, and check out clean ingredients from leading boutique beauty brands at

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