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September 26, 2021

Things We Like: Piper’s Ice Cream BAR

The weather is getting warmer, and there are so many things to celebrate coming up. Whether you’re looking to get a treat for the end of the school year, celebrate a stellar dance competition performance or an out of the park homerun from your little leaguer… Piper’s in Covington has always been the place to be! And now if you are looking for a unique pit stop with friends, or a sweet way to end date night… you can check out Piper’s Ice Cream BAR.

Piper’s menu is (and I am not exaggerating here) eight. pages. long. Glancing over the menu, the options are endless and it is easy to imagine visiting Piper’s often and becoming a “regular”. Most of the tasty concoctions start with vanilla soft serve, but the world of flavor add-in’s span from Almond to Wild Cherry- which equates to over 45,000 unique flavor combinations.  

The superb soft serve can be dished up, sit atop a cone, be mixed into a milkshake or malt, sprinkled with one of 12 toppings, dipped into a crunchy dip top flavor, or served up with soda in a float. There is a flavor combination that will leave every member of your family with a big smile on their face! Tip for visiting Piper’s with family: hit up nearby Goebel Park afterwards to burn off some of your sugar rush. 


Now onto the reason why Piper’s is now an Ice Cream BAR. Piper’s rebranding means they are now serving up boozy desserts for grown-ups (21+). Adults looking for a regular-ole’ alcoholic beverage can browse “the back page” of the menu for a wide variety of drink options, but the fun stuff is on lucky page 7. From coffee cocktails, to custom made hard seltzers to boozy shakes, malts, slushes and glaciers… it’s everything you love about Piper’s PLUS the addition of bourbon, vodka, kahlua and more. 

Luca celebrating his 2nd birthday in 2019.

Vinny enjoying some Piper’s in 2021.










During our most recent visit to Piper’s Ice Cream Bar, I thought back to my first visit many years ago on my middle son’s second birthday. He devoured a simple vanilla ice cream cup. Now on this visit, my youngest was doing the same! The fudge volcano was my middle son’s modern choice. He reports that it was super chocolatey on the inside and “soooooooooo good”. My oldest son enjoyed a “Taste the Rainbow” cone dipped in white bliss. I barely got a picture of him with his cone, because he practically inhaled it. I would say that is a good review from a nine year old. My choice of the day: a simple pistachio cone. It was as tasty as it was pretty! I would definitely get this flavor again and maybe add a crunchy topping. Chocolatey or fruity, boozy or non, simple or complex… you simply can’t go wrong at Piper’s!!!

Be on the lookout for a chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Piper’s Ice Cream Bar on our Facebook page- this could be your chance to explore the many flavors at Piper’s! Yum! 

Piper’s Ice Cream Bar is located in Mainstrausse at 520 West 6th Street, Covington, Ky; they are open Tuesday – Sunday, Noon – 11 p.m.

Visit to browse the menu ahead of time!

Phone 859-291-7287 to call in your order.


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