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March 25, 2023

Things We Like: On-The-Go With Baby

When you're on-the-go with Baby, being properly prepared will help you along the way! Check out our favorite Baby items for busy parents!

We gathered some of our favorite items to help kickstart your new organized life with a new baby!

If you must take Baby to the grocery store, protect him from germs. This cover also has a large storage pocket


CHANGE-IN-POD | | $149.99
This all-in-one changing station makes it easy to clean Baby. It includes a built-in pad, a handy compartment for accessories, and it’s dishwasher safe! Available on Kickstarter for a discount at

The Keepsie

THE KEEPSIE | | $7.95
Here’s a one-of-a-kind pacifier holder that works with all kinds of pacifiers to keep them clean and germ-free! The Keepsie can attach to a Wubbanub or a paci with a silicone protrusion. Chemical and toxin-free; FDA food safe.

Sticker Kid

STICKER KID | | $8.95+
Water-resistant labels keep Baby and kids’ items organized. Customize name labels, shoe labels, tags, iron-on labels, book labels and more. Dishwasher, laundry, microwave and freezer-safe. Allergy labels and value packs available, too.


A must-have bag for busy parents, this light-weight, well-padded carrier has plenty of space for Baby’s gear and your’s. Water resistant and machine washable.

Sophie Bag

SOPHIE BAG | | $49.95
Designed to move the way you move, wear the Sophie Bag as a backpack or use the carry strap. Water resistant, an insulated front pocket makes it extra handy.

Whether you’re a slow walker, quick stroller or runner, this sturdy stroller has you covered. Baby glides comfortably and is protected from the sun.

Dry Baby clothes

DRY BABY | | $23.99 (bodysuit)
Babies are messy! The clothes pictured above feature water- stain- and odor-repellent materials. The soft cotton lets liquids simply roll off the fabric and baby. Machine washable.

Keep Baby comfy in a healthy sitting position when you’re on-the-go. Works for little ones up to 45 pounds.

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