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October 17, 2021

Things We Like: Get Prepared for Pre – K

Sending your child off into the world can be nerve wrecking! Will they make friends? Will they miss me? Will they eat all of their lunch?! There are so many questions. But they (and you!) will do great! Send your kiddo to school with confidence. Check out these items to help ease the pre – k process.


Fenrici Backpacks & Bento Boxes

To boost your child’s excitement for school, have them pick out a cute new backpack! Fenrici has adorable toddler backpacks that also give back- 5% of proceeds go to non-profit organization Global Genes to fund research for rare pediatric diseases. The toddler backpacks are available in a variety of super cute designs including puppies, butterflies, tigers and more! A major bonus- the toddler AND big kid backpacks are all on sale right now. So get to the Fenrici website and get your order in ASAP! 


While you’re on the website, be sure to browse their Bento Boxes. Packing lunch is such a breeze with these boxes! Four leak proof compartments help keep foods separate so you don’t have to worry about yogurt leaking all over your kids sandwich. Fenrici Bento Boxes ensure  everything stays put and there are no soggy messes! Plus, the snap-on clasp is easy for kiddos tiny hands to use. Once the box comes home from school, pop the removable tray in the dishwasher. Easy peasy. Have your kiddo pick their favorite color from blue, green, pink or purple and pack it up with their favorite foods for a big back to school hit. 


Shop for a cute new backpack and a nifty Bento Box to go in it at or on 

Pre – School will be a ROARing good time for the lucky winner of the pre – school giveaway! They will win one Fenrici Tiger backpack and a Fenrici green kids bento box! Be sure to follow us on Facebook.


Ikiki Shoes

Start the school year off on the right foot with some new shoes! Your little one will be jumping for joy with these absolutely adorable sneakers. These cute kicks have the ability to be “squeakers”, with the patented iSqueak in the heel. Yes, the squeak is cute but it is also functional as it encourages proper “heel-toe” gait when kiddos are walking. Need quiet time? Simply turn the squeaks off with a tiny slide switch on the side of the shoes. The shoes come in a variety of delightful designs and colors including unicorns, giraffes, puppies, cats, owls, narwhals, hippos and more. They are also a breeze to put on with a single strap design and wide opening.   


My little guy LOVES jumping and making his shoes squeak. The first time he tried on his Rafiq Rumble rhino shoes, he jumped and ran and really got his gross motor skills working. He thought the squeak was hilarious! Sometimes it is hard to harness a child’s energy… but once they exert some physical energy, it is much easier to have them sit down and focus. My little guy jumped and hopped and ran until he wore himself out, then he sat down and relaxed with a good book and some time playing with puzzles. I also love that I can give my son a *little* bit more freedom when we are home. If he leaves the room, I can listen to his squeaks and hear where he is going and what he is getting into. My son recently wore his Ikiki Shoes to the Zoo and got tons of compliments on his cute rhino shoes… in fact, everywhere he wears them, people “awwww” over them. 


Get your kiddos some super cute critter shoes, head over to today.  


L’il Critters Vitamins

Help boost your kiddos immune system with a tasty gummy multivitamin! L’il Critters Gummy Vites Multivitamins are chocked full of goodness including vitamins A, B-12, B-6, C, D and E. They are free of artificial sweeteners and flavors, they don’t have high fructose corn syrup, they use no synthetic dyes and they are also gluten and dairy free. 


All 3 of my boys love taking these vitamins because they are super tasty and they love gummy snacks. And I love feeling like I am helping keeping them healthy! 


Help keep your kiddos healthy, buy some L’il Critters Gummy Vites Multivitamins at local grocery stores and find out more at


Universal Yums

If your child is anything like mine, they love snacking… a lot. It is easy to get in a snack rut, and I am always on the hunt for unique snack options that my boys will enjoy. Universal Yums subscription boxes allow kids to sample snacks from all over the world! Boxes include salty and sweet snacks from a different country each month and a 12 + page booklet to encourage kids to learn even more about world culture and the snacks. It’s a feast for the mind and for the belly!!! 


My kids were super excited to see what was in their Universal Yums snack box. My family loves getting mail- whether it is a letter or a package, the anticipation of what is inside get’s us riled up. Once we peeked inside, we saw lots of colorful packaging and tons of interesting treats. We talked about how we were unfamiliar with the brands and didn’t really know what was inside each wrapper – it was kind of fun to guess what the snack would taste like and if we would like it or not. The unfamiliarity of the Indonesian  treats made it super FUN to try something new. Sometimes my kids will say “I don’t like that” before they even try something, but because these were truly NEW snacks, the novelty of the snacks helped my kids curiosity take over. They loved tasting and learning about the snacks in our box and I loved broadening my kids flavor profiles and their cultural knowledge. Our favorite treats were the melon and milk chewy snacks, coffee flavored crackers and some garlicky corn nuts. YUM! The strangest thing? Cheese wafers that were super sweet and some beef flavored “tic tacs”. We loved learning about each snack and tasting them- it was truly a cultural flavor journey across the globe! 

Universal Yums are available as a monthly subscription service OR as a gift! You can purchase a box for one occasion, 3, 6 or 9 months… or you can choose to get snacks all year long. There are even different sized boxes, to fit any budget! The Yum box (6 + snacks per box), Yum Yum box (12 + snacks) and Super Yum box (20 + snacks) are all great options for children who enjoy snacking and learning about different cultures! Universal Yums is entertaining, educational, tasty and super fun.

Broaden your kiddos flavor profiles and learn more about Universal Yums by heading to   

We loved opening our Universal Yums box so much that we want to help someone else have this amazing experience. Be on the lookout for a WINSday giveaway for a Universal Yum box on Facebook as a part of our pre – K giveaway bundle!


PBS KIDS Playtime Pad+

Heading to pre – school is a big transition for little kiddos. There are new routines, activities and of course lots of friends! Whenever I pick my boys up from school, I know to have 1) a snack ready 2) a quiet activity planned and 3) a dark quiet room at the ready in case they need a nap. Learning is hard work, and lots of kiddos need to physically and mentally recharge after school. I always want to pick up my boys from pre – k and go do something fun… but after many melt-downs, I have come to understand that they simply need some time to relax after doing so much fun stuff already.

As a way to get some pre – k r & r, check out the PBS KIDS Playtime Pad + with your children. This tablet was designed specifically with toddlers in mind and with all of their favorite PBS Kids friends included! Instead of letting your child zone out with random videos on the internet, enjoy playing games with Super Why, Daniel Tiger, Pinkalicious and so many more… or watch an educational episode of one of many family favorite PBS shows. This tablet comes pre – loaded with PBS Kids Games, PBS Kids Videos and Play and Learn Science. This kid – safe tablet was designed by parents, kids and the #1 Educational Media Brand for Children, PBS KIDS so you can be sure your child is not only enjoying some down time, but they are doing it safely and learning along the way. My older boys love showing my youngest son the fun games and bonding with him. They love this super cute tablet! 

Pick up a PBS KIDS Playtime Pad + from local Wal-Mart locations or online at and enjoy some pre – school friendly STEM learning.   


He Is All Boy Learning Products

Preschool learning doesn’t have to stop once it’s the weekend; keep up the learning all weekend long… with lots and lots of laughs along the way. He Is All Boy products encourage early literacy skills with fun products like flash cards, matching cards and books. More than just an educational line, these items are designed to be silly, a little yucky and very imaginative. 


Help your child learn their ABC’s and 123’s with activities that include funny images like pooping pigs, farting foxes, robot rockets and mud monsters. While these learning toys are a bit unconventional, they are sure to keep your kids attention and become family favorites.

Find out more by visiting or buy some totally hilarious He Is All Boy learning tools on amazon. 

Laugh and learn with a set of flash cards, matching cards and books! Be on the lookout for a pre – school  giveaway bundle on Facebook! 


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