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July 22, 2024

Things We Like: Daylight Saving Tips from a Doc!

It's our favorite time of the year: fallback! Before you get those extra z's, getting adjusted to the time change will help you and your family conquer the day!

Daylight saving time is Sunday, November 3, and many of us look forward to setting those clocks back!
Although we look forward to this extra hour, an adjustment is an adjustment; here are some ways you can get yourself and the kids ready for the fall back!
Enjoy Physical Activity During the Daytime
The more time spent outside doing physical activity when the sun is shining, the less sluggish you and the kids will feel once those clocks roll back.
Don’t sleep in. Go to bed earlier instead
In the days leading up to the fall back, add extra “wind-down” time before bed and get to bed an hour earlier. On the Sunday morning when the clocks change, people mistakenly opt to sleep in. You really want to stick to the same wake-up time and still get to bed earlier.
Avoid Watching TV Before Bed
Just because your family is getting some extra z’s doesn’t mean an extra hour of TV before bed. In fact, TV or any kind stimulates the brain. Your kids’ favorite show can cause their little brains to focus when they are trying to shut down stimulation. This goes for you too, parents!
Plan ahead! Consider Taking Monday Off
You know you and your family best, so if time changes negatively effect you year after year, take Monday off if you are able; or even make it a point to wake up early, take advantage of the early light, enjoy a healthy breakfast, catch up around the house, spend some extra time with the kids or whatever it is that makes you feel good and power up.
– Dr. Sanam Hafeez, an NYC based licenses clinical psychologist and faculty member at the prestigious Columbia University Teachers College

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