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We were so relieved to have a mattress that promotes safe sleep, and an easy bed transition, too!

Safe sleep is important for your baby and tot’s safety and health. From the first day you bring Baby home, to the long-awaited toddler bed transition, choosing the right mattress makes all the difference, so we gave the Bundle of Dreams breathable mattress a try.
My 3-year-old daughter laid her head down with a smile. I was so relieved she took the transition well, and she was safe and comfortable, too!
Bundle of Dreams is an innovative crib, twin and full mattresses made of unique bundle fiber, it’s hypoallergenic, organic, and very importantly, breathable and water repellent for those wet nights. Honestly, the water repellent feature saved us from some wet nights. Accidents happen, and I couldn’t believe how the outside cover completely protected her mattress, and it zipped right off and was easy to wash!
Her nights are sound, and so are mine, knowing that she is sleeping safely and comfortably (other than those nights where she decides to wake me up and ask me to lay next to her. But these are the little moments, right?)
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Amanda Hayward is editor of this publication. She is from Cincinnati, Ohio, a military wife and mom of two. If you don't see her writing for Cincinnati Family, you'll find her running, juggling kids, teaching group fitness classes and cooking up healthy recipes.

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