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February 3, 2023

Things We Like: Bath Time for Momma

Momma, take the time to treat yourself with an at home spa day. Visit us at a Kidchella on Sunday, August 11 for a chance to win some delightful Mer-Sea bath products; we will have tons of great giveaways all day long to celebrate our 3rd annual kid’s music festival.

There’s nothing more rejuvenating after a stressful day than relaxing with an at home spa night! After a hot shower or soak in the tub, momma is ready to take on the world again! We rounded up some great products for you to check out the next time you “treat yourself”. Remember, you can’t fill someone else’s cup if yours is empty- so MAKE the time to put yourself first just for a little while as your troubles wash away… 


Goat Milk Products by Dionis

Packed with vitamins & minerals naturally found in goat milk to replenish, condition, and leave skin feeling hydrated. Dionis Goat Milk Skincare products are made in the U.S.A. They’re free from cruelty, parabens, gluten, and sulfates. Products come in bath bombs, hand creams, body lotions, whipped sugar scrubs and more!


Author’s review: the goat milk bath bomb was so creamy, dreamy and decedent. My skin was left feeling super soft hours after my bath! The smell was light and floral and not overpowering. I love that it has natural ingredients!


Starting at $4.99


Skincare Products by Swell Skin

Don’t neglect your skincare routine during bath time so make sure you incorporate the Sea Buckthorn Berry, the nutrient dense ingredient in all of Swell Skin’s products. The oil derived from this miracle berry moisturizes with nutrients that leave skin vibrant, fortified and smooth to achieve the look of renewed & youthful skin.  

Author’s review: My name is Amanda, and I have problem skin. I get hormonal, cystic acne; I also can’t resist popping my pimples. This combination leaves me with red, angry skin. In the past I have tried expensive, chemical filled products to try to fix my issues… but they never worked. Ever. I have also filled acne cream prescriptions that dried my skin out and left my face feeling like leather. I have to be truly honest that I was skeptical of the Swell Skin skincare line, mostly because nothing has worked in the past. The bar leaves my skin feeling matte and clean- not overly dry, no residue left behind- more like a truly clean face.The toner is fresh scented leaves my face feeling night and tight. There are 2 serums that really hydrate the skin and make it feel super soft. The Sea buckhorn oil is my favorite of the face products- I use it overnight and it softens any acne scabs I have and I feel like this is the miracle product that has filled some of my fine lines. It plumps the skin and leaves it looking dewy and gorgeous. Swell Skin also has a decadent dry body oil that gave my dry summer skin some shine without having it feel greasy. I still have hormones, so I do still get some zits that pop up, but the overall health and condition of my skin has HUGELY improved. I absolutely will be using Swell Skin as my everyday skincare routine. It works. 

Starting at $11.00


Bath Bombs by Lifearound2angels

Transform your bath time experience with these luxurious bath bombs made from the freshest, non-toxic ingredients. There are a variety of bath bombs available that will either take you to a tropical island with scents of pineapple, grapefruit, and orange or to an enchanting garden with the aroma of fresh cut roses with notes of amber musk.

Author’s review: I love variety, so it’s awesome to try out different bath bomb scents depending on what I am in the mood for- something bright to wake me up or something floral to relax me. My kids were drawn to the colors, so they snuck a few bath bombs from my box… which I was okay with because the ingredients are non-toxic.

Starting at $3.99

Premium Coconut Oil Hair Care by NIUCOCO

Provide the nourishment your hair wants and needs with NIUCOCO’s natural and sustainable coconut oil hair products. Try leaving these products in your hair during your bath for ultra smooth, silky hair!

Author’s Review: I always have an excuse as to why my hair is out of control- it’s summer and the heat makes it go wild, it’s rainy or it’s winter and the air is dry. NIUCOCO coconut oil shampoo and conditioner helped make my hair manageable and the hair serum left my hair incredibly soft. My hair smelled beachy and looked wonderful, too!

$35.00 – $99.00


Beach Inspired Products by Mer-Sea

Find your spirits awaken and your mood uplift with a variety of bath products from Mer-Sea. Inspired by the sea and the scents of an ocean breeze, you will find yourself immersed in soothing bath salts and bubble baths for a truly dreamy bath time experience.

Author’s Note: Would you like a chance to relax with some amazing Mer-Sea products? Head to Cincinnati Family Magazine’s 3rd annual Kidchella Music Festival on Sunday, August 11 from 1 – 5 p.m. for a chance to win a Mer-Sea bundle. There will also be TONS of other great giveaways all day long, so come out, enjoy some music, dance and hopefully win some prizes, too. 

About the Author

Amanda Ciani

Amanda Ciani lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and their three terrific sons. She enjoys writing haiku parenting poems for her Instagram account (@cinciciani), and Twitter account (@haikuciani).