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June 14, 2024

The Rockettes are Kickin’!

This rockin’ show is a must-see for the entire family. Even little babies are in awe over the lights, music and dancing. The Radio City Christmas Spectacular Starring The Rockettes celebrate their 85th season in style and excel in all areas of performance. Now through December 24, families can witness for themselves the grandness of this holiday tradition at the Grand Ole Opry House in Nashville. You can also have this included in your DreamWorks Experience package when you come to stay at the resort.

The show begins with Santa … of course. From then on the show just gets better and better! The Rockettes deliver another season of fabulous high kicking dancing and their formation and choreography are so smooth it’s just unbelievable. Each one of them have their own characteristics and their personalities really show through. Which is great. You can actually feel their own excitement as they put on this breathtaking show. One that stands out the most is Tiffany Billings. Her facial reactions as she danced were just perfect. Even my 6-year-old daughter picked up on it and could tell that she was really getting into the show. Her face never looked strained or puckered up. She smiled and gave her own little flair to the show. And, to do that and keep her poise and position through it all … well, that’s just something I can never truly see how anyone can do. Usually all you can see from the dancers is the same, standard face as they concentrate so seriously on every move. Billings is an inspiration to me … and my little girl.

When “elves” come on the stage, all the children are smiling with delight. These great performers put on such a wonderful show, too, that even my little girl was telling me how great they were dancing and how she wished she could talk to them.

There is certainly a new aspect to the show this year that we all enjoyed. SPOILER ALERT! You’ll need those 3-D glasses they give you as you come through the doors as the scene that takes you to New York is a ride all the kids will enjoy! AWESOME!

The Living Nativity scene is still a sight to see. It’s just amazing! And, to sit there and hear my daughter gasp with awe as each animal appeared on stage was something fantastic. She even exclaimed — maybe a little too loudly, too — “Where are they getting all these animal! Oh MY GOSH!” It was also so cute at the one part where the performers bow to the newborn Jesus that a sheep looked to have turned his head and licked the face of the performer that was holding him in place. We giggled at that and the few times we heard the sheep give their own vocal performance.

Oh, and the costumes! The colors and design are just wonderful. And, the ones that appear to have the heaviest looking character costumes dance ever so gracefully like they are wearing feathers! That’s talent!

Every performer, dancer, costume wearing character that graces the stage gives their all and you can tell from their seamless performance that they are truly each and every one of them spectacular performers.

This show makes me feel like I’ve never seen a show this grand before. I was just in awe.

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Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.