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February 8, 2023

Tangles? No Worries!

A no-cry brush your child is sure to love. 

I think I have THE child with the MOST tangliest of hair. Every day is a hassle just to brush her hair. No matter how I do it … start at the bottom, smooth out the tangles with my fingers first … it doesn’t matter. It hurts her no matter what. That is, until we tried the Smoobee Magic No Cry Brush.

The Smoobee No Cry Brush is made with a wood handle and two different styles of brush bristles that are infused together to form the brush. The bristles are at two different levels, to help comb and loosen tangles with ease. The brush also comes with its own set of Bedazzled gem stickers for your child to decorate it with. Which makes it even more personal — making her more likely to brush her own hair.

Now, we’ve learned that it truly works best on clean hair that doesn’t look like she had stuck her hair out the window while the car was in motion. We tried the brush after a full day of playing, eating, swimming and more and her hair was still very hard to brush. So, just after the bath or first thing in the morning is best, which is usually when I have the most trouble with my daughter.
Ages 4 and older

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