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June 14, 2024

Solve Mysteries with Science

Do you have a child that loves to indulge themselves in the field of solving cases? Then let them become part of the Secret Science Team.

With a Secret Science Team kit, your child is given a mystery to solve. You will find all the items you would need to solve the case within the kit.

I had to chance to test my skills as a young forensic scientist. I carefully took everything out, read the briefing and notes from the “Police Contact” and began working on the assignment. It felt like I was in high-school again in Chemistry class. So much fun!

You are given samples of certain solids and an unknown “Crime Scene” sample.

Follow the instructions to see how your samples react with the provided materials and see which one of the samples reacts the same as the “Crime Scene” sample.

Once you have your answer, go online to You get to create your own little account with your code from the kit, just like a real agent, and submit your findings. It will then inform you if you have the correct answer to your specified “Case Number.”

There are a few other cases that need solving. Order a new one and continue your hard work just like you are in the field. Log back in to the account you first created and enter the new case number and submit your findings. You will soon have a log of “Open” or “Closed” assignments.

Some kits can also be purchased with lab coats, goggles and more.

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 Secret Science Team
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Ages 8 and older

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