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March 21, 2023

Sleep Soundly With Cloud B

The favorite Cloud B Twilight Turtle has been helping children go to sleep easier with its light up shell that projects a starry night scene onto the walls of your child’s room. The turtle can be set to a timer to shut off after a certain amount of time  to allow your child to fall asleep. There are also three color options to choose from. So, those children that are still afraid of the dark can have their night light, but never really know when it turns off. They can wake the next morning to find that they were actually asleep in total darkness.

What’s even better about this interactive night light is that the stars projected onto the ceiling and walls are actual constellations. Parents, it’s fun to point out the Big Dipper while settling your child down to bed. The turtle even comes with a Twilight Turtle Star Guide to help.

A new feature available is a book about the Twilight Turtle, My Turtle and Me by Owen Bernstein (Scholastic; 2012). This board book could be the best accompanying thing to the turtle as it even features a tiny turtle that lights up when you press it. The cute story is sure to help create a stronger bond between the turtle itself and your child.

Twilight Turtle: $36.95
My Turtle and Me book: $9.99
or sold together for $39.95

Cloud B

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