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December 8, 2022

Sir Chomps-A-Lot

My little 2-year-old son, Seth, has been knighted Sir Chomps-A-Lot by the most gracious Queen Mom. Haha!

It’s really a very appropriate name for him … because he eats everything! I feared for him and questioned his appetite for the inedible to his pediatrician several months back and was reassured that he would be fine. Now, I know that doesn’t mean that I continue to allow him to eat whatever he wants … it’s just that he is so sneaky about it.

If the noise in my house gets to a below audible level, then I know something is amiss. I will go find my two kiddos and check on them. That’s when I find Seth playing quietly in his room … eating, rather than playing, that is. He is always chomping away at whatever he can get into his mouth. The pediatrician had encouraged me to dip my finger in vinegar and then rub it in his mouth when he does this as a deterrent to eating his toys. Well, I think he now likes vinegar! LOL!

I am not really too concerned about his ingesting of fragments of toys, because it just makes his diaper a little more colorful! LOL! Reminds me of the dogs. Sorry, I know, TMI.

Well, it wasn’t until the other day that I was faced with another situation garnered by his eating of toys. He had bitten off a tiny little piece of his hard plastic toy — mind you that he can bite off ANY toy, not just small ones — and he swallowed it. BUT, it got stuck. Not to where it was choking him, but just irritating his throat. He tried to cough it out, but it didn’t work. He just finished swallowing it. THEN, his voice started sounding funny — very raspy like. He sounds like he has a sore throat. I was so worried he had damaged something way down in the darkness of his little throat. The next day, his voice was getting back to normal, but you can still hear the sound when he coughs or takes a deep breath.

Now, I fear that another trip to the doctor is at hand … unless he gets to sounding better soon.

Can he really do harm that would require medical attention by just eating chewed off pieces of toy? We will find out soon enough. 🙁

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Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.