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December 4, 2022

The Other Side of Christmas

Lebanon-based graphic artist Beth Gully loves to create ambigrams — images and words that retain their meaning or illustrate another meaning when inverted.  She recently put this skill to good use in a new book, The Other Side of Christmas, a children’s tale of Christmas activities that also tells the story of the birth of Jesus when read upside down and back to front.

The book came together after a chance doodle on a napkin of three stockings hanging on the mantle — when Gully turned the image upside down, she could see the outlines of Three Wise Men.  After receiving support from friends, and help with the narrative from writer Jamie Sherron of Middletown, the book was made and so far has sold across the world and earned a second place award in the Greyden Press 2014 Book Competition, children’s division.

Books are for sale for $12.95 locally at stores like The Blue Marble in Ft. Thomas, Booksellers on Fountain Square, The Catholic Shop in Madeira, Inner Blessings in Cheviot, Book Bums in West Chester, and the Golden Lamb Restaurant Gift Shop in Lebanon.  Books can also be purchased online at

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