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April 13, 2024

Shaw Farms’ Quick & Easy Grilled Peaches





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Keep an eye on this spot all summer long and into the fall as Pam Shaw, owner of Shaw Farms located at 1737 OH-131 in Milford, will provide tasty recipes using fresh ingredients you can find on her farm!  This month, it’s all about quick and easy grilled peaches!


What You Need:

4 soft, freestone peaches

2 tablespoons maple syrup or honey


What You Do:

Says Shaw, “Heat grill on high, making sure racks have been cleaned.  Cut peaches in half and pull out the seed.  Brush cut side of fruit with syrup or honey (you may also brush fuzzy side, but it is not necessary).  Places peaches on grill, cut side down.  Cook until peach is hot, the skin will look slightly withered.  Remove from grill, place on plate cut side down, and cover for a few minutes or until you can see juice being drawn from the peaches.  Place on serving plate sear side up and drizzle with beautiful juices!  Enjoy this wonderful side, I think of it as a healthy peach cobbler!”


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