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April 23, 2024

Serve Drinks in Style

Your holiday guests will always want to have something in their glass while mingling with friends and family. Well, it’s high time you take that chore off your hands. Serving drinks to your guests just got easier with Pottery Barn’s Glass Drink Dispenser! Instead of you roaming around your home making sure everyone has something to drink, set out this simple, yet elegant dispenser for all your guests to enjoy.  

The metal spigot is easy to use and the metal lid is lined with a gasket to keep it sealed air tight. There are two sizes to choose from – the Small dispenser is 11 inches tall, nine inches in diameter and holds 1.9 gallons while the Large dispenser is 14 inches tall, 10 inches in diameter and holds 3 gallons.

Create a festive drink that everyone can enjoy and add to it slices of fruit, ice … whatever your imagination can come up with. Because it is glass and the guests can see what they are getting, it will look so yummy and enticing that they will keep coming back for more!

It is also equipped with rubber-like stoppers on the bottom to keep it from sliding so easily. Be sure to set it on a surface that can handle a little condensation.

Now you are free to do other things like mingling … or getting other goodies out for party goers to delve into.

Hot Product:

Glass Drink Dispenser
Pottery Barn
SRP: $59 (small), $79 (large)

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