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April 13, 2024

Select Games at a Select Price!

To make the summer a little more fun for you gamer when it is storming outside — without breaking the bank — Nintendo has repackaged four of its popular family-friendly games at a GREAT price! The Nintendo Selects is a collection of these games for the Nintendo Wii:

Wii Sports (ESRB Rating: E for Everyone)
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (ESRB Rating: T for Teen)
Animal Crossing: City Folk (ESRB Rating: E for Everyone)
Mario Super Sluggers (ESRB Rating: E for Everyone)

The best part — aside from them all be tons of fun — they are only $19.95 each!

Wii Sports gets all members of the family up and playing — indoors, of course — with games like golf, tennis, bowling, boxing and baseball. Get ready to show off your athletic skill.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess takes the classic Zelda game to an all new level! Venture through this majestic world as Link on your quest to find Princess Zelda — fighting monsters, solving puzzles and exploring the environment along the way. You can play for hours without knowing it because you will get so immersed in this virtual world. So, parents be sure to limit your child’s play time on this game!

Animal Crossing: City Folk is a game for those that like to create their own little world and grow it into something fantastic. Everyday is a new adventure in this little neighborhood. It is like you are living in this world as your character is so changeable, from its appearance, the way the house looks and so on. It is great imaginative fun.

Mario Super Sluggers
brings the classic baseball game up to plate with all your favorite Mario characters. This is not just baseball. Oh, no. It has turned the game upside down with cute little antics along the way. Not only can you play the traditional nine innings, but you can play minigames, too. It will be fun to see if Bowser can out run Mario in a game of pickle!


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