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July 19, 2024

School Papers How-to

The kids have unloaded their school backpacks and stuff’s everywhere! Tackle the chaos before it tackles you. If you don’t have this system in place, do it now … Here’s how:

• Create a file folder for each grade and label the folder with your child’s name, grade and year

• Organize the folder with papers from each grade, hanging onto report cards, special certificates, leftover school pictures, a few samples of artwork and a few samples of handwriting

• If you can’t toss anything, try this rule: If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, TOSS IT

• If you come across artwork you want to frame, put it in a special pile for framing later on

• Keep the file folders in a portable file folder box and try to keep each grade down to 20 items

• At the end of each school year,

• Snap it up tight for the summer!

If you already have this system in place, once the school year is over, move the file folder for each child’s grade to a special keepsake box and store in your closet or attic!


About the Author

Susan Day

Susan Day is the editor in chief of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.