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June 24, 2024

Save Money! Be the Family Barber

All it takes is a little practice and you’ll be cutting your child’s hair … and your husband’s, too! I didn’t ever think that I could do it. Then I realized that I could be saving a lot of money if I cut my son’s and my husband’s hair myself. Sure, you can find salons that don’t charge as much, but factor in tip and time, you’re saving by doing it yourself!

I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair for years now. And, now that our 2-year-old is growing up and needing more hair cuts, I’ve been doing his, too.

Sometimes, though, our cutters aren’t so good. I get frustrated and then it takes longer than it needs to to get the job done. That’s why I recommend the Wahl Clip ‘n Trim system.

The Clip ‘n Trim is an all-in-one grooming tool that allows you to use any of the guards to cut men’s hair at any short length. This is also the first that has a built-in detail trimmer that flips up over the main trimmer and allows you to get a better cut along the edges for sideburns, neckline and behind the ears. I’ve always thought my old trimmers were so bulky that I had a hard time trimming around the ears. This detail trimmer helps with that … especially with little ones.

The 23-piece grooming kit comes with the clipper, 13 guide combs (including ear tapers, eyebrow and ear trim guide combs) of which all clip right to the clipper, a blade guard, styling and barber comb, scissors, blade oil, cleaning brush and a case to put it all in. It also comes with a styling guide for those first-time users.


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Average cost: $34.99

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