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March 30, 2023

Salamander Adventure!

Slow down, it’s a salamander crossing!  On one of the first warm, wet evenings in the spring, salamanders at MetroParks of Butler County’s Indian Creek Park (6500 Springfield Road, Oxford) will migrate from their winter homes in the woods to their breeding area near vernal ponds.  Get a glimpse of these creatures as they make their trek and learn about their lives, habits and adaptations to survive.

Program takes place in the evening sometime between January 25 and March 31, so sign up in advance to be contacted when MetroParks determines that the salamanders are on the move.  Admission to the program is free, although a motor vehicle permit is required to enter the park ($5 daily, $10 annual for non-residents of Butler County).  Visit or call 513-867-5835.

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