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February 8, 2023

SafetyTat: For Just-In-Case Moments

You turn around and your child who was following you is now not there! You’re at the zoo and know you just left his favorite spot. But, what if he’s not there? What if he is lost?

Rest assure that your child will find his way back to you, but you can speed that process up with SafetyTat. For those “just-in-case” moments, the SafetyTat is probably the best way for a frightened child to let a person know how to contact you.

The SafetyTat is a temporary “tattoo” that you can write your phone number on (please don’t write your child’s name on it). It’s really easy to put on by just cleaning the area of the arm you want it to go with the accompanying alcohol wipes and then pressing the tattoo on, holding it there for 20 seconds. No water needed! It’s kind of like a sticker, but this one will last up to two weeks if undisturbed. You can pull it off at any time, though, so don’t worry. Once it’s in place, use the marker that came with your package and write your phone number on it.

You can customize the tattoos to match your child’s personality. They have a variety of colors and graphics on them. You can also create some that have your number already put on it so you don’t have to write it on.

These are great for outings at the zoo, mall, airport, park, amusement park, etc.


Prices vary per style.

The Write-On tats come in packs of six for $9.99 or packs of 18 for $19.99.




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