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March 25, 2023

Rock Chalkboards

Big, flat stones found in the creek are great for use as a rock chalkboard.

We’ve introduced to you the rock robots we made from the skipping rocks we found while out in the creek. But, did you know that the bigger ones can be used for chalk(rocks)? You only need two things for this: a big, flat rock and chalk!

These days, everyone is getting super creative about how they make chalkboards. You can make a chalkboard out of just about anything! So, I took it to a new level with my own crafts.

We found these wonderful slate rocks in the creek while looking for rocks for our collections … and just having some family fun in the water. Several of the small flat rocks we turned into robots … which were super cute! Then I realized that the big rocks were perfect for little hands and little chalk!

So, there you go. Rock Chalkboards.




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