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July 13, 2024

Repurposed Tin for Valentine Goodies

Need something to put a few Valentine goodies in? Look around your house. You’re bound to find an old tin that you can use with this craft.

What You’ll Need
Old tin
Spray paint
Decorative items

What You’ll Do

  1. Go outside for this step. Cover the ground in newspaper and set your tin on it with the sides to be painted facing up and out. Cover it with an even layer of spray paint. Set aside to dry completely. Once dry, you can bring it back inside. If you bring it back inside before it’s dry, you will have the fumes of the spray paint coming off of it. It doesn’t matter if it has a dent or two in it as you will probably cover it with the decorative items.
  2. We found glitter foam hearts at Dollar Tree. You can use stuff like that or found objects from around the home. We started gluing the hearts on the lid overlapping just a little.
  3. Once we completed the rim of the lid, we put a little heart in the center. We used glitter glue, just in case any squeezed out from under the hearts, there would only be glitter showing when dried. Once you’re done decorating, set it out to dry.

Be sure to clean your tin and add a layer of wax paper to the inside before putting any edible treats inside.

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