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March 21, 2023

Refrigerator Coasters

Family refrigerators can get yucky due to little spills, crumbs and hungry hands coming in and out. This handy item will help you freshen up your fridge’s interior.

You know how your refrigerator’s shelves can get yucky and sticky from drips, crumbs and old vegetables? You need a solution better than lining your crisper with tin foil. Fridge Coasters are absorbent “liners” available in different sizes (and colors) that’ll fit in your fridge’s shelves and compartments to absorb the yuckies.  Simply go to fridgecoaster’s refrigerator page to scope out your coaster needs. Door packs starts at $6; Fridge packs start at $25. Clean them with a damp sponge when they get icky and reuse. You gotta love it. Discover all the options at



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