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July 15, 2024

Recycled Tissue Ornament

If you’re like me, you save all that tissue that comes in every gift bag. No, we’re not hoarding it, just waiting for the right time to use it in a craft or two. Like this one.

NOTE: See pictorial instructions below, too!

What You’ll Need
Styrofoam ball
Festive tissue paper

What You’ll Do

  1. Grab a styrofoam ball. You can also use any plastic/glass round ornament that you like as long as it has a smooth surface.
  2. Tear up the festive tissue paper into little pieces (around 2×2 inches).
  3. Take one piece of tissue and cover the back of it with the glue using your paintbrush.
  4. Wrap that glued piece of tissue paper around the ball and mash it down. Repeat this step until the entire ball is covered. The tissue paper pieces should also overlap.
  5. Tie your ribbon tightly around the ball ending with a bow and taking the pieces that are not loops and knotting them together at the end. This will make the big loop to hang your ornament.
  6. Set the entire ornament aside to dry completely.

About the Author

Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.