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January 28, 2023

Pully Palz: A Pacifier Toy

Baby can play with a toy and not lose his pacifier all at the same time!

Pully Palz

Bounce Innovation’s | | $19.99
As Baby switches from pacifiers to toys, keeping up with the paci is easy with this unique attachment. Secure the pacifier to the toy then to Baby’s seat. Now watch the see-saw action as Baby pulls from one side to the other! This is great for helping develop hand/eye coordination. You can watch as Baby looks at the attachment with some puzzlement and figure out all on his own how it really operates. He’ll learn that if he pulls on one side, the pacifier from the other side will go up. This unique item is not meant to be played with alone, but only as it is fastened to a seat of some sort.

Ages 0 months and older. Available as a cow, frog or monkey.



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