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January 28, 2023

Prevent Flat Heads!

The Tortle is a beanie for Baby to use daily that helps prevent flat heads. A great product for soon-to-be parents to have!

With the risk of SIDS, doctors caution parents about how to put Baby to sleep. Tummy to play, back to sleep is what they all say. But what about all the times that he’s awake and sitting in a chair, carseat, stroller, etc.? He can still develop Flat Head Syndrome (FHS).

Well, there’s a new product out that helps prevent Baby from forming a FHS while on his back that was developed by a doctor who’s also a mom of four, Dr. Jane Scott. Tortle is a cute little beanie cap for Baby to wear daily (not for use during the night) that helps prevent and treat FHS. It’s a repositioning cap that has also been cleared by the FDA. All you have to do is place the cushy support roll behind Baby’s ear as he lies on his back. This will guide him to turn his head the opposite direction. After two to three hours, move the cushy roll to the other ear for Baby to turn his head the opposite direction. This is only to be used for up to six to eight hours a day to prevent FHS. To treat a mild case of FHS, follow the instructions for how to use it on one side to correct the issue.

This beanie is recommended from birth to 6 months and there are different sizes (in five different colors) to choose from so that the beanie fits Baby’s head correctly as he grows.




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