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May 29, 2024

Pretty Windows

Let the sunshine in with these easy window cleaning tips as you tackle your spring cleaning!

 CLEAN WINDOW TIPS from Handy Hannah


1. Never clean your windows between 12pm-2pm during hotter months. This can cause streakiness on your windows, not to mention window cleaning unbearable in the heat.

2. Use a professional window cleaning agent. Window Cleaning solutions can be bought at any good cleaning retailer. It certainly makes a difference to the windows finish.

3. Use a good window cleaning squeegy. Trust me, this makes a big difference to the quality of the window clean. Again, this can bought at any good cleaning retailer.

4. Remove flyscreens before you start window cleaning your windows. They tend to build up a lot of dust and dirt, so when you pull them off the can make your windows dirtier. The best way to clean your flyscreens is with a hose.

5. Lastly, clean away all of your cobwebs and window sills before you start to window clean the glass. This is again to prevent your windows getting dirty after you have started cleaning them.

I hope you find these quick top five window cleaning tips beneficial and make you the best window cleaner.

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Susan Day is the editor in chief of Cincinnati Family Magazine and a mother of four.