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April 18, 2024

Pregnant With a Cold? Safe Meds You Can Take

While many doctors say that pregnant women should be discouraged from using over-the-counter drugs when possible (no drug or medicine that you take in pregnancy can be confirmed 100 percent safe; all medications have the potential for crossing the placenta to your baby) the common cold can get a woman down — especially when pregnant. And while doctors say the common cold is best treated with rest, fluids, a humidifier and a saltwater nasal spray, some medications are OK to take, too. For complete information about the safe over-the-counter drugs in pregnancy, see I’m Pregnant and I Have a Cold (RBC Press) by Dr. Craig V. Towers, available at Amazon for as little as $1.98 used.

Here’s a quick short list of safe over-the-counter meds for the common cold:

Tylenol or Tylenol Cold
Considered safe, acetaminophen may be used if you’re running a fever or having head ache.

Robitussin DM
Approved for treating coughs in pregnant women.

Sudafed (pseudephedrine)
Relief for cold symptoms during the day. DO NOT take the “SA” (sustained action) form of the medication or the “multi-symptom” form.



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