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May 25, 2024

Potty Training with Ease … & Smells Better, too!

Potty training can be tough, but with the right potty it can be a bit easier. The Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat is a potty seat, trainer seat and step stool in one, conveniently sized little potty. The handles will give him extra security as he goes, too.

Once your little one is ready to move on up to the big potty, this portable potty turns into a sturdy step stool for him to easily reach the big-boy potty or even the sink. The potty seat is removable, too, so it can be placed on top of the big potty. Don’t worry, its prongs that hold it in place on the potty seat will go through the seat of your toilet bowl to keep it still so he doesn’t slip off — although, the bigger the toilet the more likely is will scoot around just a little.

Built into the side of the potty is a spot to hold Arm & Hammer disposable/flushable wipes. So, no need to have a box of wiped being kicked around while they go potty. Also, for extra freshness, the lid has a spot designed to hold a replaceable Arm & Hammer Snap-in Deodorizing Disc. Both the deodorizing discs and flushable wipes refills are sold separately.

Arm & Hammer 3-in-1 Potty Seat
by Munchkin
Available at Target, Toys R Us and online.

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