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February 4, 2023

Pop Up Christmas Card

Here’s a fun Pop Up Christmas Card craft for kids that will help cut back on the cost of buying a specialty card at boutiques.

What You’ll Need

Two sheets of contrasting colors of paper

What You’ll Do

  1. Grab two sheets of paper in contrasting colors.
  2. Stack them together and fold them in half.
  3. Separate the two sheets of paper.
  4. Take the lighter color and fold it back in half. With your scissors, you’ll make four cuts as well as a little triangle at the top. Start by cutting a triangle angled in and cutting from the fold. Cut a line about a quarter inch down from the triangle starting at the fold and straight across but only going about one inch. Cut another line one inch down from the first line and going straight across to about two inches. Cut another line one inch down from the second line and going about three inches from the fold. Cut your fourth line one inch down from the last line and make it the same length.
  5. Take the section between the last two lines and fold it over.
  6. Fold the next section over going to the length of the shorter line.
  7. Fold the next section as well going to the length of the shorter line.
  8. Flip the entire thing over and re-fold those sections the opposite way.
  9. Open it up to reveal the pop-up gift.
  10. Flatten it back out and rub a glue stick all over the back EXCEPT on the “gifts.”
  11. Flip it back over, line the sheets of paper up and press the two together.
  12. Stand it up and pop the sections out to reveal your Pop Up Christmas Card.


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