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February 3, 2023

Paper Daffodils

Welcome SPRING with this cute craft for kids.

What You’ll Need
Yellow paper cups
Yellow paper plates
Box tape

What You’ll Do

  1. Take one paper plate out of your stack.
  2. Fold it in half.
  3. With your scissors, cut off one corner.
  4. Now cut off the same amount from the other corner.
  5. Round out the edges.
  6. Open it up to reveal that you’ve made a set of petals.
  7. Repeat Steps 1 – 6 to make another set of petals.
  8. Take one paper cup and cut half-inch vertical strips to about the middle of the cup.
  9. Cut those strips all the way around the cup.
  10. Now cut those strips more than half way off.
  11. Cut all those strips down to a smaller size all the way around the cup.
  12. Bend each little strip over your finger to make it curl just a little.
  13. Take a piece of box tape, roll it and stick it in the middle of one set of petals.
  14. Place a second set of petals on top of it and press down.
  15. Take another piece of box tape and roll and jumble it into a ball.
  16. Place that piece of tape on the bottom of your cup.
  17. Center the cup over the middle of the petals and press down.
  18. Hang on the wall with a little more tape.

When you hang them, be cautious of the wall you are hanging them on and the tape you are using so that you don’t rip the paint off your wall. These would be great to make and tape to the porch railing for a spring party.

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