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May 29, 2024

Painted Bow Tie Noodles

Ever wondered what to do with those extra bow tie noodles? Try painting them. After you’re all done, you can use them for a variety of things like bow ties for dolls, hair bows and more! Be sure to cover the surface you are working on with craft paper or newsprint to protect it.

What You’ll Need
Bow tie noodles

What You’ll Do

  1. Set out as many bow tie noodles as you would like to paint.
  2. As you paint the base color, be sure to make sure there is not a glob of it in the crevice. Paint it and set it aside to dry. That won’t take long as the paint absorbs into the noodle and dries fast.
  3. Use different colors to create designs over the base color. You can make dots using the end of your paintbrush.
  4. Set them out to dry. Once dry, you can glue them to hair clips, ribbon and more.




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