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February 8, 2023

On the Go Entertainment For Kids

Need something to keep the kiddos happy in the car? This handy little pack is just the thing!

The colorful little pack, Kids Preferred Content and Calm Traykit, is a backpack style kit that includes a tray with a fold out extension. There are many pockets inside, too, to hold little stuffed animals, pencils, crayons, etc. You can even store coloring books, paper and books within this cute pack. Kids can take what they want in their own little pack, wear it like a backpack and use it while it’s strapped to the back of your car’s seat. It’s light weight, too, so your child’s not actually carrying around a lot of weight. Guess what!? It is also great for the airplane!

The kit straps to the backside of your driver/front passenger seat and opens up right into his lap. However, children between the ages of 3 and up to probably 7, will have a little difficulty opening up the case and extending the tray into their lap. Simply because of the placement, their short arms and the steps you need to take to fasten the extended tray. So, be sure to open it up and get it ready for him before you get in the car.

Appropriate for ages 3 and older. Find it on for just $27.78.

Learn more about Content and Calm’s TrayKit at Learn more about Kids Preferred at




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