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July 13, 2024

On-the-Go Comfort with LapFit

As a busy parent, I find myself in the car … A LOT! As do many of you, I’m sure.

There are those days that when I pick my daughter up from school, she is starving. So, as a special treat on a random day, I will let her get something to eat at her favorite drive-thru place as we are on our way to pick up her little brother.

From then on, it’s, “OK, I am ready for my french fries. Here’s my drink. Now, can I have my chicken nuggets?” I hand them back one at a time to only trade out for what she had in her hand.

Well, there is also a local dad that has come across similar situations. A father of four, Dave Francis, has come up with a brilliant solution to this: LapFit.

LapFit is a uniquely designed tray that lies across your child’s lap with a special “leg-hugging” bottom that keeps the tray on your child’s lap. The bottom’s prongs are angled so that the natural lay of the legs fit right between them.

LapFit is also equipped with a cup holder and spaces for food, ketchup and even dipping sauce containers. Now your child has all that is needed for a snack or meal while in the car without you having to hand them back at different times. My daughter was thrilled to have everything squared away in its own spot.

Once done eating, place the accompanying EasyFit desktop over LapFit so your child can color or do homework on a flat surface (with a pencil spot so those don’t roll off, too).

It comes in two different sizes (LapFit Toddler pictured in pink and LapFit Junior pictured in blue) and available in red, pink or blue.

$19.99 each

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Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.