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May 23, 2024

Noodle Art

Do you have leftover noodles when you make homemade lasagna? I know I always do! Here’s a fun craft for kids that will help you use up all those noodles.

What You’ll Need
Cooked lasagna noodles
Cookie cutters
Wax paper

What You’ll Do

  1. Cook the noodles.
  2. Once you have used what you needed for your dinner, allow the leftover noodles to cool.
  3. Grab a cooled, cooked noodle and cut shapes out of it using cookie cutters.
  4. Cover it in glue.
  5. Sprinkle on glitter.
  6. Set it on a piece of wax paper and allow to dry completely. The noodle should be hardened when it is completely dry.
  7. Once it is dry, cut a piece of ribbon and tie it through one of the shape holes.

About the Author

Kiera Ashford

Kiera Ashford is the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Family Magazine, and a mother of two.