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February 4, 2023

My 100 Hands: It’s Munchkin Power!

Lauryn Marie Burks had a great idea when she was 5 years old.  She told her dad, Rob, that she wished she had 100 hands to accomplish all of her daily tasks.  That’s when the two set out to write a children’s book about what those 100 hands would do: clean Lauryn’s room, count to a million, etc.  The project inspired Rob and wife Kim to form Munchkin Power, LLC, to help other parents take on the creative ideas of their kids.

“We believe that the imagination of a child is powerful and can be harnessed if parents do one very important thing — pay attention,” says Rob.  “As parents, the tasks of daily life can literally drain the creativity from our bodies.  However, children can harness imagination and energy and let it spring forward in the most magnificent ways.  We affectionately call it Munchkin Power,” he adds.

Visit to learn more, or check out to learn how to bring your child’s ideas to life!

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