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February 8, 2023

Monster Mums

This silly craft for kids is great for Halloween and it will help spruce up those mums decorating your front porch, too!

What You’ll Need
Egg Carton (the paper one not styrofoam)
Paint (white, red, purple, green orange)
Paint Brushes
Cup of Water
News Paper

What You’ll Do
– Spread out some newspaper so that you don’t get paint everywhere. I also use some of the newspaper as a pallette of sorts.
– Take your egg carton and cut out the crevices that are supposed to hold the eggs.
– Turn them upside down on the newspaper.
– Pour out just a tad bit of white paint onto the newspaper.
– Take your paint brush and white paint and paint the upside down egg carton piece entirely. No need to paint the inside of it. Let dry.
– Rinse your paint brush in the cup of water.
– Pour out a little paint from a different color like orange, green, purple or blue onto your newspaper and with your paint brush paint the center of the “eyeball.”
– Rinse brush.
– Pour out a little red paint and with your paint brush, paint red veins around the white part of the “eyeball.”
– Rinse brush.
– Repeat steps to all of the egg carton pieces and you’ll have an even number of “eyeballs.”
– Set them aside to dry completely.
– Once dry, you can set them atop a bloom on your mums and there you have it! Monster Mums!



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